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twig necklace, nature inspired jewelry

Not Just Another Jewelry Company

Elegant World is an earth-conscious jewelry brand. We create high-quality pieces to remind you that nature is always there. Crafted by talented artists, our jewelry helps you reconnect with nature and make special memories along the way.

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Twig ring, Nature inspired jewelry

Don't take our word for it.


“I cannot put into words how great an experience this whole process was. Mark was extremely helpful throughout and any customer would be pleased with the service."


Wheeling, West Virginia


“A very special and satisfying process to see an idea expertly executed by master crafters.”


Richmond, Virginia


"I could not be happier with their quality and craftsmanship."


Nashville, TN

For Our Customers

We provide mindful jewelry with value and purpose. We help you celebrate life’s special moments and wear your self-expression.

For Our Community

We believe in giving back. 1% of every Elegant World purchase goes to Arbor Day Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to growing forests.

For Our Team

Business second, relationship first. We take time getting to know the people we work with.

For Our Planet

We are earth-first people who believe in making better choices. We genuinely value nature and reflect this with care in our art.

Meet the Hands

"As an Artist and Jewelry Designer, I decided I wasn't going to keep making the same thing."

Mark Farrell set out to create new techniques to produce nature inspired jewelry from objects around our planet Earth. This untouched-by-man style has been perfected to ensure every piece is special to you.