What We Do

We make unique jewelry for planet-first people.

Our Story

“For me, custom jewelry design is a passion. I invest myself in every detail of each new piece from start to finish. From the stones selected to a custom alloy, the creative possibilities are endless.”

Mark Farrell, CEO & Founder of Elegant World

This passion, coupled with an undeniable love for nature, led Mark to combine the two and craft a luxury jewelry brand like no-other.

Our Process

We start every design the same way, by spending time outside in nature and observing the world around us. Transforming nature into gold can take 60+ hours per piece. With over 10 years of perfecting traditional jewelry techniques, we've finally combined our passion for art, nature, and jewelry in one beautiful line... Elegant World.

Our Commitment

We're constantly seeking to make our products and our business as eco-friendly as possible. From sustainably-sourced materials to an ethical supply chain, we do our best to minimize our planetary impact every step of the way.


The Arbor Day Foundation

Never stop planting. Nature is a place to escape and restore. The preservation of inspiration will always be important to us, that is why Elegant World gifts 1% of all sales to the Arbor Day Foundation.

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